NDA may fall 15 seats short of majority

In the post-assembly elections scenario, most of the poll surveys are predicting that it will be difficult for BJP-led National Democratic Alliance to get absolute majority in 2019 Lok Sabha polls. However, almost all surveys stating that it will emerge as the single largest group in the new Parliament and the divided opposition is bound to be far away.

Latest opinion poll conducted by India TV-CNX, BJP-led NDA may fall nearly 15 seats short of the magic mark of 272 in the 543-seat Lok Sabha, if elections are held now. According to the survey, conducted between December 15-25 at the fag end of last year in all 543 parliamentary constituencies, the NDA may get 257 seats and the Congress-led UPA (minus SP and BSP) may get 146 seats, far off the magic mark.

The survey was done after the results of assembly polls in five states including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh where Congress has formed governments. This makes key to government formation could lie in the hands of ‘others’ who may get 140 seats in a House of 543.

The earlier nationwide survey conducted by India TV-CNX in November, before the assembly polls, had given NDA a clear majority with 281 seats, UPA 124, and ‘Others’ 138. Since then there has been a reduction of 24 seats in NDA and an addition of 22 seats in UPA. The survey says that NDA could get 37.15 per cent votes, UPA 29.92 per cent and `others’ 32.93 per cent.

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