Only research brings innovations, says Javadekar

The Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Shri Prakash Javadekar addressing at the valedictory session of Children Science Congress, during the 106th Indian science Congress, in Jalandhar, Punjab on January 06, 2019.

The Union Minister of Human Resource Development, Prakash Javadekar has said that only the research work in various fields can pave way for innovations in the country. Addressing a valedictory session of the 8th Women Science Congress during the ongoing the 106th Indian Science Congress at the Lovely Professional University Jalandhar, he said that research and development are the most important prerequisites for the nation building.

He said that it is the research only which helps countries to overcome problems of any type in any field and that’s why the research work is being strengthened and given top priority by the union government. He added that the union government has chalked out a programme to strengthen research and development in India. He also called upon the Universities and other educational institutions to set up such innovation clubs on their own level, too.

Javadekar also mentioned the problems faced by the country and gave clarion call to the women to come forward and join science stream to resolve social and economic problems. He said union government had set up a fund under Higher Education Financing Agency (HEFA) to provide assistance to the research laboratories. This year ministry is spending nearly Rs 33,000 Crore for this purpose while to encourage social science research Rs 250 Crore has been earmarked.

He said the major project of the government is SPARK which was launched to assist and encourage students to carry on their ambitious research projects within India instead of going abroad. In this regard the ministry has also planned to provide scholarship of Rs 1 Lakh per student per month for research and innovation work.

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