SC,ST activists oppose Modi’s 10% reservations to Economically Weaker Sections

While opposition parties became speechless towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s master-stroke, just three months ahead of Lok Sabha polls by bringing a bill providing 10 per cent reservations to Economically Weaker Sections, the Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) activists are strongly opposing the move.

They are accusing introducing a new set of reservations for `economically weaker’ sections will be against to the spirit of the Constitution. They also expressing fears this move will results in dilution of existing reservations. They are alleging that the government that is not responding towards their demand to extend provision of reservation to private sector also and also not showing interest to fill up backlog posts, resulting to this move only keeping in view of fast approaching elecitons.

The activists said the basis of reservation was historical inequality and underrepresentation, not poverty. “Reservation is not a poverty alleviation programme. It is a question of representation of people who have been denied that in institutions for millennia. This move is obnoxious and a political stunt,” said Vivek Kumar, a professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Ashok Bharti, chairman of the National Confederation of Dalit Organisations, contended that forward castes are not underrepresented at any level of government. “Giving people who are represented more than their share of population is not in line with the spirit of the Constitution. This is clear violation of the Constitution and an appeasement of upper castes,” he said.

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