Quota, citizenship bills won’t trample on anyone’s rights, assures PM Modi

A day after the Lok Sabha passed two important bills introduced by his government- Quota and Citizenship, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured ahead of they are being introduced in the Rajya Sabha that both the bills will not trample rights of any one. He asserted that rights of all sections are secure and these wills will in now way impringe on them.

While addressing a rally at Solapur in south Maharashtra, Modi assured the people from northeast and Assam that passing of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill in Lok Sabha will not have any negative impact on their rights. Speaking over the passing up 10 per cent reservation bill for economically weaker section in the general category, the Prime Minister said that the passage of bill is a “strong answer” by Parliament to those spreading lies on the move.

“Yesterday late night, a historic bill was passed in Lok Sabha. By passing the bill regarding 10% reservation being granted to economically weaker section in the general category, our principle of ‘Sabka sath sabka vikas’ has been further strengthened,” he added.

He termed the the passage of the bill in the Lok Sabha as a “historic” step which seeks to uplift the deprived sections and also illustrates the commitment of the government to prioritising the good of those needing it the most.

As the Rajya Sabha witnessed uproar over the bill, the Prime Minister Rajya Sabha said the rights of the deprived sections, including the Dalits and the tribal people, will not be affected because of this bill.

Meanwhile, protests had erupted across Assam on Monday evening as the the NDA government cleared changes to the Citizenship Act prompting one of its regional allies, the Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), to break ties.

The All Assam Students Union, the influential student body which was at the forefront of the Assam agitation against foreigners, is leading the protest against the proposed amendment which, according to them, violates the Assam Accord which promised to detect and deport foreigners irrespective of their religious background.

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