Alok Verma sacked as CBI chief by PM Modi-led selection panel

Within 24 hours of returning as CBI director on the Supreme Court directive, Alok Verma was sacked by the high-powered committee headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this evening.  He was removed in a 2:1 decision as CBI director, who was reinstated by a Supreme Court order, two days ago, after he was sent on forced leave by the government.

The CVC report against Verma sealed his fate as the high-powered committee decided to sack him on corruption charges. The selection panel, consisting of PM Modi, Justice Sikri, Mallikarjun Kharge, in a 2:1 decision decided against Verma’s continuance in the office.

According to the sources, the Prime Minister and Justice AK Sikri found his continuance detrimental to institutional integrity. Kharge, said sources, vehemently opposed the move to sack Verma. Kharge wanted the decision to be put in abeyance, but the other two members decided against it.

Kharge, while opposing the decision, asked how can the charges be believed unless they are put through an inspection committee. A dissenting Kharge, sources added, also questioned the CVC report.

Verma, whose service tenure is ending on January 31, has now been made in charge of DG Fire Service. Verma, who resumed office on Wednesday, had revoked most of the transfers done by M Nageshwar Rao, who was appointed as the interim CBI chief in his absence, signalling that he was ready for a showdown with the Centre.

The Supreme Court, while reinstating Verma, had made it clear that he will desist from taking any major policy decision till a high-powered committee considers the issue of “divestment of power and authority”.

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