High level conspiracy to oust CBI Director, says Mallilkarjun Kharge

Senior Congress leader and Opposition leader in Lok Sabha Mallilkarjun Kharge accused high level conspiracy to oust CBI director Alok Verma from his position.  The five-page note of dissent that he submitted to the high-level three-member committee led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,  which decided to remove Alok Verma, points out a series of unexplained events and demands an independent probe into the midnight coup.

Kharge asserted that charges levelled against the ousted CBI Director Alok Verma did not warrant his removal and at the very least he should have been given an opportunity to respond to them.  Kharge also points out the frivolous nature of the allegations against Verma.

According to him, the 10 charges pointed against Verma, included Director, CBI helping cattle smugglers, inducting tainted officers into the agency, inordinate delay in finalizing an investigation report, excluding a suspect from being named as an accused and not acting on intelligence inputs.

Out of the 10 charges, the CVC found six of them to be unsubstantiated’, one ‘partially substantiated’ and three ‘substantiated’. The three charges which the CVC found to have been substantiated include inducting allegedly tainted officers in the CBI and dragging his feet in a gold smuggling case at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Even more curiously, while the CVC found no evidence against Verma of receiving bribes or illegal gratification, on each of these counts, the CVC recorded that more investigation was needed to substantiate the charges. The CVC clearly was on a fishing expedition.

The allegations against Alok Verma had been forwarded to the CVC by the Cabinet Secretary on August 20, 2018. For more than two months the CVC had been sitting over the allegations. Therefore, the flurry of activity on October 23 was indeed suspicious. Whatthe Government press the panic buttons? Only an independent inquiry, suggested the dissent note, would unravel the mystery.

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