PM Modi says 10 % Quota ensures equality for all

Pirme Minister Narendra Modi defending his government’s move to provide 10 per cent reservations to economically weaker sections, said that the move would ensure equality for all as he added that the government was working towards farmer welfare.

Addressing two-day National Council meeting of BJP in New Delhi, he asserted that this is not just reservation but an attempt to give a new dimension to the aspirations of youths, who are left behind. The provision of reservation done by Babasaheb Ambedkar is as strong today as it was then. And will continue to remain strong he added.

He recalled that they have not touched the existing reservation system. This is an additional 10 per cent. “You know, some people are trying to spread misinformation against thi s. We need to defeat their motives. For the youth, we need such opportunities. The youth of today knows they are heading to a better India and their government will support them no matter what,” he added.

Moreover, Modi said that farmers and their empowerment has been an honest attempt by his government. “ We cannot rule out the sins of the past. The previous government only used farmers as vote bank. For us, the crop growers are ‘urja daata’ (sources of energy). It’s a constant process. We are helping farmers at every step. The benefits are long term. MSP demand is decades old. Farmers know the previous government has never even let them raise it, but this government has also turned their demands to a reality,” says PM Modi.

Modi said for first time in the country’s history, there has not been any charge of corruption against a government. The BJP rule has proved that the country can be run without corruption, he added. BJP has shown how it can take the nation to its peak. For the longest, it’s the first corruption free government. The previous governments pushed the nation into a well of darkness — 2004 to 2014 was all resolution about corruption and scams, he added.

The Prime Minister also attacked the Opposition parties, including Congress on the Ayodhya and CBI issues. “Congress doesn’t want solution to Ayodhya issue, it is creating hurdles through its lawyers”, he said. “Country should decide if it wants a pradhan sevak who spends months on vacation abroad or one who works tirelessly without taking break,” he added.

“Despite being harassed for 12 years by UPA govt when I was Gujarat CM, we didn’t ban entry of CBI in state,” Modi added. He wondered that why Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh governments have banned CBI in their respective states.

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