50 Soldiers ‘Honey-Trapped’ by Pakistani Agent

Indian army sources were stunned to know that about 50 Indian army soldiers posted in sensitive areas were locked in `honey-trap’ by a Pakistani intelligence female agent.

They were attracted to the friend request sent by her with a beautiful picture carrying Indian name Anika Chopra, on her Facebook profile and they have been in touch with her since some time. They were also suspected to be sharing some sensitive military information with her on Facebook.

This was exposed when an Army jawan was detained earlier this month from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, after Military Intelligence (MI) discovered he was sharing confidential information to her. MI suspecting that it was part of an ISI-led bid to honey-trap Indian soldiers.

They found that the ID had been active since 2016, and had coaxed the jawan, through sexual chat and photos, into sending pictures of his location, military exercises he took part in, as well as pictures of the “Arjun tank and its functioning”.

According to the sources, the woman had claimed to be a captain in the Medical Corps of the Indian Army. She even provoked him to marry her and pressurizing to divorce his wife.

It may be recalled that a high-profile case last year saw an IAF group captain get arrested for allegedly sharing sensitive information with two Pakistan-based Facebook accounts. It is believed that the Pakistan intelligence agency, ISI, has “outsourced” the honey-trap work.

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