Congress shouldn’t treat JD(S) as “third grade citizens” in seat sharing : Kumaraswamy

Though JDS-Congress collation succeeding in over coming several hardships between two partners, seat sharing for Lok Sabha polls seems to be creating gulf among them. While, JDS is insisting that the formula of 2:1 should be followed as it is being practiced by Congress in sharing positions in the government, Congress is maintaining silence on it.

Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda made clear that one third Lok Sabha seats to be contested by them. Till now both cabinet berths and other nominated positions are being shared with this formula. In the same way, now JDS insisting to follow the same with regard to Lok Sabha seats also.

Now, chief minister H D Kumaraswamy also cautioned Congress leadership stating that his party should not be treated as “third grade citizens” and that both the partners adopt a “give and take policy” to put up a united fight against the BJP.

With the coalition partners expected to hold talks on the tricky seat-sharing issue amid pressure within the Congress not to cede much to JDS, he said that there should not be any “pettiness” on both sides.

“Both of us (Congress-JDS) should go together (in Lok Sabha polls) is our opinion. Because the reason behind forming this government (in Karnataka) is to stop the BJP from coming to power and improve the atmosphere in the country,” he added.

He indicated that formation of the coalition government in Karnataka has shown the way for national politics. A lot of changes had taken place in the country’s political landscape, including BJP’s downslide and Congress victory in some by polls and assembly elections in three states.

He cautioned Congress leaders that if they lose their way and tried to move with overconfidence what will happen, they will understand. “They should treat us respectfully. They should not treat us as third grade citizens. There should be give and take policy,” Kumaraswamy said.

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