Deve Gowda backs Rahul Gandhi’s candidature for PM

Former prime minister and JDS chief HD Deve Gowda said that as a coalition partner, he has no hesitation in extending his support to Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to become the next Prime Minister of the country. “We want Rahul to be PM”, he asserted.

In an interview given to Hindustan Times, he said “Rahul Gandhi is a young, upcoming leader. He was made president of the Congress a year back. From then, I have seen the quantum of experience he has gained, but there is room for improvement.”

However, he advised Rahul Gandhi that as a youngster some of the language he uses he should refrain from, that “chor” or whatever. “Our emotion at times a young man may lose his patience. With our vast experience, we have controlled those emotions”, he added.

With regard to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gowda felt that more than implementation of several schemes of his government, he has been concentrating more on publicity. He said that no prime minister in this country has spent so much money on publicity. “I don’t think it was his personal money, corporates and some interested people [funded it”, he said.

Referring to controversy over Rafale deal, he said that he don’t want to get into the details of Rafale deal, but , he wondered that why did the prime minister keep away from the Parliament when discussion was held primarily leveling allegations against Prime Minister himself? Why does he speak outside the House? You have got a majority of 282 seats.

On his grandson Prajwal Revanna’s political entry, he recalled that he had already declared that his grandson is going to contest from his parliament segment. But, he said that he has not yet made up his mind to contest. “Nobody can force me to contest, it is my own decision. Now the task before me is to tour the state”, he added.

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