Congress blames Rs 68,381 cr Spectrum scam on PM Modi

Even before the Rafale scam pushed by Congress president Rahul Gandhi against Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to be settled, the opposition party now came with a fresh Rs 68,381 crore spectrum scam against Modi, who claims to be heading the only longest serving regime with out any corruption charges.

Quoting various Computroller adn Auditor General (CAG) reports placed in the Parliament, Congress alleges of large scam irregularities. According to Congress spokesperson Pawan Khere the government caused a loss of Rs 45,000 by avoiding recovery of delayed charges owed by private telecom players in 2016 alone.

A year later, he added, that the government again caused another whopping loss to the exchequer by unilaterally differing spectrum auction for six years. “Deferred spectrum caused an interest loss of worth  Rs 23,821 crore to the taxpayer,” he said.

Similarly, in 2018, citing a CAG report, the Congress leader said the government caused a loss of  Rs 560 crore to the nation by allocating microwave (MW) spectrum to one particular telecom operator. The allocation was done on “first come, first served basis,” which is in contravention to government’s own telecom policies, he added.

Khere accused that the Modi government has flouted guidelines, also laid down by the Supreme Court, in order to benefit one of the cronies associated with the PM. It may be recalled that in a judgement, the apex court had said way back in 2012 that “while transferring or allocating the natural resources, “the State is duty-bound to adopt the method of auction by giving wide publicity so that all eligible persons can participate in the process.”

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