51 women below 50 have entered the Sabarimala temple

The Kerala government today claimed that it was not two women, but as many as 51 women have entered the Sabarimala temple since the top court’s order in September turning down the age-old practice of denying entry to women of menstruating age.

Informing the Supreme Court, for the first time the state government has given a consolidated number of the women who entered the shrine.  The state government’s statement came during hearing on a petition filed by two women, who entered Sabarimala – Bindu Ammini and Kanaka Durga.

They had moved court seeking protection after living in hiding for more than two weeks. The Kerala government made an attempt to widen the scope of the petition by saying that 51 women devotees had entered the temple after the top court’s order. However the court refused to get drawn in any other issue at the moment.

“We have made our point that court doesn’t feel it necessary to make any comment on any other matter,” Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, who heads the bench, told the lawyer for Kerala. The top court in an order in September last year had allowed women of all ages to enter the hill shrine, triggering protests by traditionalists.

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