RSS lost hopes on Modi over Ram Temple

The Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) leadership seems to be losing hopes on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in realising its long-time dream of constructing Ram Temple at Ayodhya. They started openly attacking Modi’s government, as it was adamant towards their demand to bring a law facilitating construction of the temple.

RSS general secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi said at Kumbh Mela asserted that as soon as the temple was built, the country’s growth would witness a spurt, like it happened in 1952 after restoraiton of Somnath Temple in Gujarat.

Reiterating that there were challenges in the way of construction of the Ram Mandir, Joshi said the issue was now connected to the faith of crores of Hindus in India.  The Sangh is clearly miffed with the Centre over the issue even as PM Narendra Modi has made it very clear that an ordinance could be brought in only after the judicial process was completed.

Targeting Modi Government, Joshi said India will become a world leader, but in another 150 years. Later, speaking to media, Joshi said, by way of explanation, that he meant that the temple should be built by 2025. He said, “If we start today, it would take another five years to complete the temple.”

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