Kumaraswamy says BJP fails in poaching MLAs

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy today asserted that BJP will not succeed in poaching MLAs from his coalition. Though BJP is making hectic attempts to pull down his government by attracting few of his supporting MLAs to their said, he said confidence that he is not `perturbed’.

During his visit to Kolakatta to attend Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s `Unity of India’ rally, though his government is facing dangerous consequences due to BJP attempts, he is sure that his government will survive from such tactics.

Referring to four MLAs missed Congress Legislature Party meeting last evening, he said that the problem was in Belgaum politics, which was due to internal rift among Congress leaders in the district and Congress leadership was also unhappy with the activities of its former minister Ramesh Jarkiholi.

However, he said those discontent MLAs share a very good relationship with him and they have full respect towards him. He said he is confident that nothing will happen and they will come and join with them.

With regard to two independent MLAs, who had withdrawn support to Congress and join hands with BJP, he said from the beginning he was suspicious about them and advised Congress not to trust them because any time they can ditch them.

Questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tall claims of fighting corruption in the country, he asked form where his party is getting money for poaching of MLAs in Karnataka.

“What you have been watching for one week, (is) how the BJP is trying to destabilise the stable government in Karnataka. I want to put one question to the honourable prime minister: Recently, during his party meeting, he (Modi) said he wanted to remove corruption and clean the country. For this, he requested citizen of the country to support him.

“But what’s going on in Karnataka? Which money they (BJP) are offering to Congress MLAs to support them? From where the money is coming?” Kumaraswamy asked.

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