Karnataka: Congress MLA in hospital after ‘brawl’ with colleague, party says chest pain

Congress resort politics today taken ugly turn with a Congress MLA was hospitalised in the  morning after an alleged brawl with a party colleague at Bengaluru’s Eagleton Resort, where the lawmakers were shifted two days ago ostensibly to protect them from poaching attempts by the BJP.

Kampli MLA JN Ganesh allegedly hit Vijayanagara MLA Anand Singh on his head with a liquor bottle amid a heated argument. The two reportedly had an argument over Ganesh trying to defect to the BJP.

However, senior Congress leaders trying to cover up the incident and pretending that nothing such incident took place. They are claiming that he had joined the hospital due to `chest pain’.

Congress leader D K Suresh, who is brother of minister D K Shivakumar, has refuted reports of a fight between Karnataka Congress MLAs Anand Singh and J N Ganesh even as he confirmed that Singh was hospitalised with chest pain.

“I don’t know about the fight, Anand Singh is admitted in hospital due to chest pain. There are no injuries or anything. His parents are here at the hospital. Other issues are just speculations,”  he added..

Earlier in the day, Congress leader DK Shivakumar also rubbished as “fake news” reports of the fight between the two leaders.

Meanwhile, BJP MLA R Ashok said D K Shivakumar and D K Suresh were confusing people with lies. He said that Apollo Hospital doctors should come out and reveal the truth.

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