Siddaramaiah, real villain for Kumaraswamy !

The recent political crisis in Karnataka which led rumbles in H D Kumaraswamy’s government, may be branded as fall-out of BJP’s “Operation Kamala”, attempting to dethrone the government by poaching MLAs. However, the political circles following Karnataka politics are blaming former chief minister Siddaramaiah, the real `villain’ for this government.

Incidentally, he is the chariman of JD(S)-Congress Coalition Coordination Committee, that was given the task of to keep the combine in tact. Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy had openly admitted that recent crisis was due to the infighting in the Congress party. He even said that the discontent Congress MLAs, who were absent at its CLP meeting are courteous towards him.

Siddaramaiah was orginally close associate of former prime minister HD Deve Gowda and played crucial role in JD(S). However, after Deve Gowda made his son Kumaraswami as chief minister, he realised he has no place in this `family’ party and shifted to Congress. He succeeded in becoming chief minister from Congress and surprisingly continued for five-year full term.

But after elections, in unexpected political scenario, he was forced to extend support to the same Kumaraswamy to become chief minister. Since then he is seen uneasy and try to dictating terms. Recently, Kumaraswamy had reportedly told his party MLAs that he has been facing many pressures from Congress preventing him from functioning properly. Party insiders says that he was referring to Siddaramaiah only.

In recent cabinet reshuffle, as only Siddaramaiah’s followers could be inducted into the cabinet, several senior Congress leaders are unhappy. This has been leading to internal conflicts between Congress stalwarts Siddaramaiah and senior minister D K Shivakumar, how is credited as `trouble shooter’, who can rescue the party from all crisis.

At one point, Siddaramaiah reportedly suggested to Rahul Gandhi that it made better sense to pull out from the government since the non-performing JD(S) will handicap the Congress in the parliamentary polls. Because of Siddaramaiah’s manoeuvres, some seven Congress MLAs went missing.

A panicky Chief Minister Kumaraswamy approached a few BJP MLAs to counter Siddaramaiah’s move. In a bid to guard its flock, the BJP whisked all its MLAs to a resort in Gurugram. The topple bid ended with the MLAs resurfacing. But Siddaramaiah made his point that he can be ignored by the ruling alliance at its peril.

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