The Opposition has dhanshakti, we have janshakti: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi dubbed opposition leaders, how had demonstrated strength of unity in Kolkatta and resolved to defeat his regime as reflection fo `dhanshakti’ (money power), whereas, he claimed him self as representing `janashakti’ (people’s power).

Addressing BJP’s booth workers of five different cities via video conferencing, he said that the oppositions’ alliance seen in Kolkata was a unique one. He lamented them stating that they have formed alliances with each other, where as he has formed alliance with 125 crore countrymen. He asked which  alliance is stronger ?

Moreover, he said that most of the opposition leaders at the stage in Kolkata were either sons of influential people or were trying to set up their own children. He further said that this is an `amazing’ alliance of `naamdaars’, corruption, negativity and inequality.

Indicating that these leaders are aware that they cannot defeat BJP, Modi recalled that they have already started making excuses for their defeat in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. He charged that EVM is being made villain.

He said that it is natural that every political party wants to win the polls, but it’s worrisome when some parties take public for granted. He pointed out that they consider public stupid and so keep changing colours.

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