Uproar over BJP women MLA’s comments on Mayawati

In Uttar Pradesh, BJP leaders seems to be losing aptience and making most `irresponsible’ comments against their political opponents. Now, a women MLA’s comments against BSP supremo Mayawati has raised controversy and almost all political parties strongly condemned her.

BJP MLA from Mughalsarai Sadhana Singh courted controversy by stating that Mayawati is a “shame on the womenkind” who “sold her dignity for power”.  “I don’t think Mayawati is a woman or man. She has no sense of self-respect… she was almost molested earlier and yet… Darupadi was a victim of sexual misconduct. she vowed to get revenge. That was a self-respecting woman. Look at this woman. Everything was looted from her, despite which she sold all her dignity to get power,” she added.

She made these comments referring to the SP-BSP alliance that were announced a week ago. She said that Mayawati joined hands with the party which humiliated her. Singh said that a woman who underwent a `chirharan` (disrobe) is now compromising with the perpetrators, “she is worse than an eunuch”.

Her apparent reference was to the infamous incident when Mayawati was assaulted by Samajwadi Party workers at a guest house in Lucknow in 1995, which led to the animosity of 24 years which ended with the announcement of their alliance for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. “I take this opportunity to condemn Mayawati, who calls herself a woman. She is a shame on the entire womankind. BJP leaders saved her dignity, and she sold it for the sake of comfort and power. Women from the entire country condemn her,” Sadhna added.

The BJP lawmaker’s comments drew shar criticism from the BSP with part leader Satish Chandra Mishra saying that Sadhana Singh is “mentally ill”. He stressed that the BJP was rattled by the SP-BSP alliance and the leaders of saffron party have lost their mental balance fearing defeat in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav strongly condemned the remarks by the BJP lawmaker, saying “it was insult to the women of the country” and indicated BJP’s “moral bankruptcy and hopelessness”.

The Congress, which has been excluded from the SP-BSP alliance, termed the remarks by Sadhana Singh as “disturbing”. “One may have differences on issues and ideas but it is disturbing: -That this lady represents the ruling party in UP-BJP (not surprising) -To hear a lady speak in such a derogatory way about another lady -To see people in the audience cheering such words,” Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi tweeted.

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