EVM Hacking Charge: BJP Slams Congress’ ‘False Agenda’

The Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today lamented that the so cyber expert press conference by Syed Suja in London, where he alleged EVM rigging in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, was a “Congress-sponsored event designed to defame the popular mandate of India”.

Prasad also questioned the presence of senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal in the press conference in London and alleged that the latter was “monitoring the situation on behalf of the Congress party.”

Vehemently dening Suja’s clailms, he asked that what was Mr Kapil Sibal doing there? In what capacity was he present there?  Is the Congress sponsored event designed to insult the popular mandate of 2014 ?/ he asked.

Terming the allegations by the cyber expert as “Congress’ false agenda”, Prasad said that the allegations of EVM hacking in 2014 Lok Sabha elections were completely baseless as it was the UPA who was in the power at that time and not the BJP.

“In 2014, UPA was in power, not us. Where is the logic in accusing us of hacking EVM when we were not in power?” Prasad questioned.

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