Yoga is India’s glorious gift to the world: Vice President

The Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that Yoga was India’s greatest legacy, its most glorious gift to the world. He said that the massive participation of people from all over the world on International Yoga Day celebrations was a testament to the fact that the world has accepted Yoga and was celebrating it.

Addressing the gathering after releasing the book ‘Universal Brotherhood through Yoga’ compiled by Bharatiya Sanskrit Pitham, in New Delhi, the Vice President said that Yoga has the power to bring in the essential transformation required to change the way people live, think and interact with fellow human beings and Mother Nature.

Saying that Yoga could indeed serve as a force for unity in the world, Shri Naidu said it was a privilege to be practicing, promoting and propagating the great tradition that promotes physical wellbeing and inspires spiritual and intellectual awakening.

The Vice President said that an understanding of the underlying theory and Philosophy of Yoga was essential for any practitioner to appreciate Yoga in its true sense.

Saying that Yoga does not provide universal remedy for all types of diseases, he said that it could prove to be a valid alternative therapy for prevention of various types of illnesses. He said that the book lays great emphasis on all such aspects and delves deep into the infinite possibilities of the practical applications of the knowledge of Yoga. 

Expressing concern over the increase of lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, hypertension, asthma and other respiratory diseases as well as cancers, Naidu said that highly stressful work places combined with the rise in environmental pollution was playing havoc with our health.

Naidu said that the meditation techniques associated with Yoga inspire a sense of deep calmness, contentment and true peace within the practitioner. The group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices ingrained in Yoga allows people to practice self control, exercising dominion over senses and of helps in maintaining balance, he added. 

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