BJP targets to win 22 of 42 LS seats in West Bengal

The BJP is considering that West Bengal one among couple of states where it can drastically improve its  vote share so that to fill the losses it likely to meet in the Hindi belt. So, it is mobilizing all its energies to win over the state, though Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee still emerging as the most popular political personality of the state.

BJP president Amit Shah is targeting to win 22 of 42 seats in the state, against two seats it had won in 2014 polls. To this end, he had proposed three Rath Yatras covering all Lok Sabha constituencies. But, as Mamata’s government denied permission and party’s attempt also failed to get clearance from Suprem Court, now they are concentrating in organizing as many as possible rallies in the state.

Amit Shah alleged that Mamata denied permission as she scared with BJP. “ She was certain that if we take out the yatras then it will signal her antim yatra (last journey). If you stop us from taking out Raths, then we will take out rallies and hold meetings… You cannot stop us from coming to Bengal. The more you stop us and beat up our workers, the more lotus will bloom in Bengal,” Shah had said while addressing a rally in Malda.

According to BJP sources, now the party is preparing to hold as many as 300 rallies in the state in run up to the Lok Sabha polls, covering all 42 constituencies. Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will address as many as rallies possible, besides several union ministers and BJP-ruled chief ministers.

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