A long-range Air India Boeing to bring back fugitives from West Indies

The Government of India is seems to be determined to bring back high-value economic offenders, who are taking shelter in the West Indias so that avoiding Indian courts from prosecution. According to official sources, a A long-range Air India Boeing has been commissioned to handle this mission.

CBI and ED officials are said to be getting ready to fly to the West Indies to bring these people back. Availing of the controversial paid citizenship programme provided by many of the islands in the Caribbean, diamantaire Mehul Choksi and Winsome Diamonds promoter Jatin Mehta have taken citizenship in these parts.

Mehta became a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis some years ago, while Choksi has taken Antigua and Barbuda citizenship recently. These islands provide visa free travel to 132 countries. Citizenship through investment has become popular among Indian economic offenders.

Both CBI and ED officials are mainly targetting Choksi and absconding diamantaire Nirav Modi. However, it is not clear whether Modi lives on one of these islands.
Choksi may be picked up in the Caribbean while Modi may be sequestered on the return route from Europe where he is reportedly hiding.

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