Kumaraswamy claims BJP offering huge money to their MLAs

Ahead of the Karnataka Assembly budget session, scheduled to be started next week, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswami alleged that BJP is continuing `poahing’ of their MLAs by offering huge amounts of money.

BJP state president and former chief minister BS Yeddyurappa declared last week that they need not to lure Congress and JD(S) MLAs as the coilition government is bound to collapse due to deep rooted internal discontent among their MLAs.

After this statement BJP MLAs were set free from their camp near Delhi and Congress also seems to be getting some relief. Presently, Yeddyurappa is undertaking a statewide tour of the druoght affected areas of the state.

However, indicating that BJP is continuing its “Operation Lotus” by `poaching’ ruling MLAs, the Chief Minister said today that one of their party JD(S) MLA was offered big amount by BJP leaders last night.

“Operation Kamala is still on. Last night they (the BJP) offered one of our MLAs huge amount of money. You’ll be surprised to know the amount. Our MLA told them he doesn’t need any gift and not to try these things with him. This is how they are still working on poaching,” he added.

But, the BJP rejected the charge with Yeddyurappa calling it “baseless” while stating that it was the duty of the ruling parties to keep their MLAs “intact”. He denied that there was “any Operation Kamala” going on in Karnataka, which threw a hung assembly in the state elections held last year.


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