Hand that touches Hindu girl shouldn’t exist, says union minister

The controversial Union Minister from Karnataka Ananth Kumar Hegde,  who is infamous for making provocative statements, again hit news today stating that ‘if a Hindu girl is touched by any hand, then that hand should not exist.’

Stating that Hinduism is in danger, Hedge stressed that Hindus shouldn’t discriminate regarding castes and should cut any hand that touches a Hindu girl. Addressing at the inauguration of the renovated temple and the Hindu Iqbal Conference organized by the Hindu Jagarana Vedike, near Madapur Kallakore Chondiyamma and Guligappa Temple Revival Committee, he made these comments.

Last year, he had kicked off a storm after he said that intellectuals don’t understand the meaning of ‘antar atma’. He had said that for such people (intellectuals) there was no difference between a living human and a dead body. He further said that these people think fulfilling the needs of the human body is only what life is all about. For intellectuals, life was all about fulfilling the needs of the human body, he added.

Back in 2017, Hegde had made a controversial statement after he said that his party, the ruling BJP, will “soon change the Constitution”, which mentions the word “secular”. “Some people say the Constitution says secular and you must accept it. We will respect the Constitution, but the Constitution has changed several times and it will change in the future too. We are here to change the Constitution and we’ll change it,” he had said.

The minister had also urged people to “claim with pride that they are Muslim, Christian, Lingayat, Brahmin, or a Hindu”, adding, “Those who, without knowing about their parental blood, call themselves secular, they don’t have their own identity…They don’t know about their parentage, but they are intellectuals.”

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