Truth, Credibility should be the voice of Social Media, says Milind Oak

“Information presented in audio and video formats tends to be more accessible to the users and should be used more to communicate in social media”, said Milind Oak, CEO of BharatiWeb.

Speaking at the Social Media Sangamam event in Hyderabad, he said that when this information is true and delivered by credible people, it prevails over the untruths professed by detractors. In social media era, he suggested that, it becomes our responsibility to use available social media tools to communicate with the people of our country, by asserting our rich culture,  values and greatness that needs to be preserved and handed over to future generations.

He cautioned about anti-national forces, particularly those emerging from foreign soil, which are deliberately targeting our national identity and interests under the guise of various NGOs like Green Peace etc

Ayush, convener of Samachara Bharati, has presented a ppt on the various initiatives undertaken by Samachara Bharati to inform and enthuse all the interested volunteers to work for the national cause on various social media platforms.

The theme of the first panel discussion was “Awareness of Culture & History through Social Media”. Smt Padma Pillai, a prominent Social media activist, said, “A strong eco-system particularly from the left oriented people is trying to establish a distorted narrative of Bharat and its culture. To counter this, people on social media should be better equipped with our traditional knowledge and take pride in celebrating it. She recalled her fight on the #SaveSabarimala campaign on social media and explained about how she overcame the abuse and trolling by so called liberals and feminists.

Smt Padmini Bhavaraju, from MyIndMedia and Achamgaa Telugu spoke about the hunger of people for information on the cultural greatness of our country, and explained about their initiatives on web radio, telugu language books in script, audio and video formats that have become a huge success on their social media portals.

Rathnakar Sadasyula, an IT professional, spoke about temples as cultural centers and explained about how such information can be presented in tweets and blogs to reach out to people.

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