Amit Shah flays both Congress, TMC believe in “parivartantra”

BJP president Amit Shah today drew parallel between TMC and Congress and accused that both the parties believe in “parivartantra” (family rule). Addressing BJP’s Ganatrantra Bachao Yatra in Contai of West Bengal’s East Midnapore district, he cautioned that dynasty politics are never good for the country.

Stating that Congress is synonymous to dynasty politics, he recalled that after Indira Gandhi, there was Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and now Priyanka Gandhi. Similarly, he said that in Trinamool Congress also Mamata Banerjee’s nephew is getting ready to take over after her.

He lamented that they can only offer a `Mazboor’ (compelled) government. Where as, he said his party offers a `Mazboot’ (strong) government. He asserted that only Narendra Modi’s leadership can come up with a strong government.

Amit Shaha also lambasted what West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s paintings were brought for crores by owners of chit fund companies. Shah claimed that over 25 lakh people in West Bengal had lost their life’s savings due to the chit fund scam. He also promised that if the BJP came to power in the state, all the money that was looted would be recovered.

Referring to Priyanka Gandhi’s political entry, Shah alleged that now with her, the Congerss party will indulge in moer scams than before.  He recalled that the UPA government was in power at the Centre for 10 years. At that time the government was ‘2G’ — Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. He alleged that they managed to do scams of 12 lakh crore rupees. So, if the third G comes in the form of Priyanka gandhi, he wondered that how knows how much scam they would do.


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