Maya dubs Rahul’s income guarantee promise a fake

BSP supremo Mayawati, who has been making all-out efforts, along with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to push away Congress chief Rahul Gandhi from emerging as leading figure of opposition in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, has today dismissed his toll promise of `minimum income guarantee’ to the poor, as a fake one.

She even went to the extent  of comparing this promise with former prime minister and Rahul’s grand-mother Indira Gandhi’s famous promise of `Gareebi Hatao’, in early 70s.

Taking a dig at both the Congress and BJP, Mayawati said they have fooled the people with their unkept poll promises. It may be recalled that Rahul had made this promise yesterday while addressing Kisan sammelan in Riapur, stating that this would be first time in the world to bring out such programme.

The mega welfare scheme would be an extension of the slew of pro-poor entitlement regimes created during the previous UPA government in the form of the right to information, farmer loan waiver, land acquisition act, rural employment guarantee scheme MGNREGA, right to education and right to food.

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