Alok Verma resignation rejected, govt asks former CBI chief to rejoin work for the day

 In a dramatic move, today, the government has rejected former CBI Director  officer Alok Verma’s resignation from service, on the day his two-year term extended while appointing to CBI, ended. It may be recalled that he had resigned after he was shunted out from the post earlier this month.

In protest, Alok Verma resigned from IPS. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has rejected his resignation effectively asking him to rejoin work. But for a day — today is the date Alok Verma would have retired from service.

Alok Verma has been asked to rejoin work as the director general of fire services, civil defence and home guards — a post Alok Verma was transferred to after being removed from the post of CBI director.

Alok Verma was transferred out of the CBI after a long-lasting controversy that even involved the Supreme Court. Last year, the CBI hit headlines for an intra-agency feud that involved its top two officers — director Alok Verma and his No. 2, special director Rakesh Asthana.

The Alok Verma-led CBI booked Rakesh Asthana in a case of corruption. Rakesh Asthana in turn wrote to the government, accusing CBI chief Alok Verma of taking bribes.

On January 8, the high-powered committee, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the directive of the Supreme Court and decided to transfer Verma from CBI. Verma, however chose to quit the service, instead of moving to his new post.

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