Venkaiah says nothing more important than building a compassionate world

“I believe that there is nothing more important than building a compassionate world. ‘Care’ and ‘share’ is the core of Indian philosophy”, the Vice President, M. Venkaiah Naidu said, in Kottayam, Kerala today. He was addressing the gathering at the 90th anniversary celebrations of Akhila Kerala Balajanasakhyam, the largest students’ social service organization in Asia with more than 5 lakh members.

Applauding Balajanasakhyam for striving to make young children more sensitive, compassionate and responsive to the needs of others, Naidu congratulated Malayala Manorama for envisioning and realizing this noble initiative. ‘In keeping with its motto of ‘We Serve’, Balajanasakhyam has been at the vanguard of relief & social service activities in Kerala for  nine decades’, he added.

Stating that Balajanasakhyam has, over the past 90 years, has intellectually and socially nurtured the girls and boys of Kerala, the Vice President said that such initiatives would certainly go a long way in contributing immensely to the overall progress and development of our youngsters.

The Vice President expressed his happiness at the fact that Blajanasakhyam had received blessings from none other than the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He applauded ‘Hridayapoorvam Sakhyam’, a platinum jubilee project of Balajanasakhyam which in association with the Madras Medical Mission hospital, had facilitated free heart surgeries to hundreds of ailing children.

Naidu said that there was nothing more important than building a compassionate world. Opining that ‘Care’ and ‘share’ is the core of Indian philosophy, he said that to Indians, the whole world was one large family. ‘Each person is important, especially the marginalized, the excluded and those who are in need of help’, he added

The Vice President said that any organization that does selfless service and promotes empathy and fellow feeling, brings out the best qualities  in all human beings. ‘In a way, this is the foundation for building a peaceful, sustainable world’, he concluded.

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