Venkaiah seeks to promote equity in higher education

The Vice President of India,  M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that it is imperative that we safeguard and promote equity in higher education and ensure inclusion of women, minorities, and differently abled persons, providing them a barrier free higher education environment. He was addressing the gathering at the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Sacred Heart College, Thevara, Kochi, Kerala.

Stating that education is not only for employment but for enlightenment, enhancement of knowledge and empowerment, Shri Naidu said that education should aim at the holistic development of all faculties of ‘head’, ‘hand’ and ‘heart’. ‘It should provide the knowledge, skills and attitude required for the 21st century’, he added.

Speaking about India’s stature as the Vishwaguru to the world, the Vice President said that scholars, students and knowledge seekers from all over the world came to the great universities of Nalanda and Takshashila in search of knowledge and wisdom. He said that education is the foundation for growth and development, both of individuals and society.

Explaining the true Dharma of education, the Vice President said that education is the process by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, and intellect is sharpened. He went on to say that education is the ability to break free from dogmas and abhorrent social practices such as discrimination and casteism.

Naidu said that true education would equip the youth to contribute to the material progress of the country as well as to maintain India’s cultural and spiritual heritage. ‘Every child, rich or poor should be equally equipped to fully explore these possibilities and reach the zenith of their capabilities’, he added.

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