Rahul Gandhi put on hold talks no pre-poll alliances

After announcing his sister Priyanka Gandhi’s political entry, Congress president Rahul Gandhi seems to be a confident person. He is not much worried about keeping away Congress from the SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh. Many Congress leaders are of the view that changing political scenario will force BSP chief Mayawati to take Congress into fold.

As of now, Rahul Gandhi has put on hold all talks about pre-poll alliances for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, for the time being. He is waiting BJP’s alliance scenario. While one another ally saying good bye to BJP, its efforts to bring new allies are not yielding results.

Presently, Rahul is watching the public response towards Priyanka Gandhi and also watching how other opposition parties are reacting. Congress leaders are of the view that Priyanka’s entry will create a buzz in the political arena and the party will reach out to possible allies after gauging people’s reaction towards Priyanka. In fact, the Congress wants to exhibit Priyanka’s popularity in front of probable allies.

Till now, almost all allies of the Congress have reacted positively. Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav, has openly praised the decision of the Congress, and congratulated Rahul. A major impact of the decision is that Tejashwi Yadav is saying what the DMK’s Stalin had been saying till now. So, the Congress believes a positive environment is being created for the party.

Although, the party is still waiting for a reaction from Mamata Banerjee and some other leaders. If leaders like Mayawati, Mamata, and Arvind Kejriwal take this well, then the Congress can start afresh. The Congress has already finalised its alliance in some States, such as Maharashtra, Bihar, and Jharkhand.

BJP supremo Mayawati is said to be finds herself in a tricky situation after Priyanka’s political foray. She suspects that her Brahmin and Dalit vote bank might shrink and could go to the Congress. In that case, Mayawati will be left nowhere as Muslims have not believed her much at any point of time. Sources say, Mayawati wants to see people’s response to Priyanka’s campaign. Muslim voters suspects her that after the elections, the BSP might either extend support to the BJP or take support from it.

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