‘Won’t take back Chandrababu Naidu in NDA’: Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah today made it clear that Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu will not be taken back into NDA, after Lok Sabha polls. Addressing party book workers meeting at Vizianagaram of Andhra Pradesh, he dubbed Naidu as “U-turn” chief minister.

Referring to Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu as the “U-turn” chief minister, Amit Shah recounted the Telugu Desam Party chief’s political career. He claimed that TDP supremo will make all efforts to join NDA back once NDA government retains power in the next polls.

“I am sure once the counting for 2019 elections will be over and NDA govt will come in power again, Chandrababu Naidu will make all the efforts to join NDA back but this time the doors will remain closed for him,” he added.

He also accused him of supporting the party which insulted Andhra Pradeh. “I want to ask why Chandrababu Naidu left NDA who provided Rs. 5.56 lakh crore to the state and supported Congress party which only provided around Rs. 1 lakh crore to Andhra. To overcome corruption in TDP government, Naidu broke ties with NDA,” Shah alleged.

Shah asserted that NDA government’s support for the development of Andhra Pradesh is ten times more than what has been provided during the 55 years of Congress government. He recalled that Naidu had begun his career with the Congress when it was in power. But when the Congress lost, he joined NT Ramarao’s TDP.

“But at the opportune moment, he stabbed NTR in the back and stole his party. When Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the prime minister, Naidu joined the NDA, but left it soon after the NDA government fell in 2004,” Shah said.

Stating that Naidu spent nearly 10 years without being part of any major alliance, he said that when he realised that he couldn’t come to power without Narendra Modi, he joined the NDA, which he had once opposed. However, he predicted that Naidu did not stay on with the Congress for very long. He recalled that when he lost in Telangana, he left the Congress and joined the Mahagathbandhan.

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