Priyanka will play an active role in national politics, says Rahul

 Congress president Rahul Gandhi today made it clear that his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the newly appointed general secretary of the Congress party, may be given task of Western Uttar Pradeh, but she will not confine to that region and will play an active role in national politics.

Indicating that she will play decisive role in support of his role as the party chief, he clarified that as general secretary, she has, by definition, a national role. Further, he added “I give a job, and then I give another job based on the success of the job.”

Pointing out towards a possible tactical understanding with the SP-BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul said Congress would work with the SP and the BSP because the party have ideological agreement on a number of issues. But, it does not mean “that the Congress party will give up right to push our ideology in Uttar Pradesh either,” he added.

On the question of Ram temple, Rahul declined to say anything as the matter is subjudice. But, he accepted that the matter is a hot button in UP. “It would not be fair for me to opine as the highest court in the country is deliberating on it. I would say that what the Supreme Court decides is what the Congress and everyone will accept,” noted Rahul in the interview.

Hitting out at Modi, Rahul said there is absolute rejection for the Modi style of functioning in the BJP. “If I (were to) speak to Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh, their (the BJP’s) entire leadership, I wouldn’t be surprised to find absolute rejection of Narendra Modi’s style of functioning. So, the division is actually in the BJP and what is keeping that division publicly out of sight is fear… So, what Modi has not understood is that Modi is only Modi’s leader,” stated Rahul.

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