‘Mahagathbandhan is mahamilawat’: PM Modi targets opposition unity

Launching an all-out offensive against the Congress-led oppoistion for its alligations on a host of issues like the Rafale fighter jet deal, job crisis and GST, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today,  dismissed  their attempt to present a united front against the BJP-led NDA in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

During his reply to the debate on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in Parliament, he  said India has seen remarkable progress in all spheres the last four years. He added that  the elusive grand-alliance is a “mahamilawat” (adulteration), which the people will reject in the elections.

“The people of India have seen the work a government with a full majority can do. They have seen the work of NDA. They do not want a ‘mahamilawat’ government of those who assembled in Kolkata,” PM Modi said in a reference to the rally of 23 opposition parties in West Bengal last month.

“In 2014, the people of the country elected a government with full majority and the country experiences what happens when there is a ‘milawati’ (coalition) government. Now, they are planning ‘mahamilawat’. This ‘mahamilawat’ is not going to reach here (in Delhi). Keep this limited to Kolkata,” he aadded.

Earlier, PM Modi had responded to the opposition unity saying, “the entire opposition has come together and is shouting ‘bachao, bachao, bachao’ (save us, save us, save us).” He said, “In hating Modi, the opposition has begun to defame the nation.”

In a frontal attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Modi alleged that those who imposed Emergency, “bullied” the judiciary and insulted the Army were accusing him of destroying institutions.

The PM also hit back at the Congress over the Rafale issue, which has been repeatedly raised by its chief Rahul Gandhi, as he alleged that the Congress did not want the Indian Air Force to be strong and asked: “which companies are they bidding for that they are acting so shamefully”.

“Congress imposed Emergency, but they say Modi is destroying institutions. Congress insults Army, calls the Army chief a ‘goonda’ but they say Modi is destroying institutions,” the PM said in a hard-hitting reply in Lok Sabha.

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