Tattoos helps police to arrest Chennai filmmaker in wife’s murder

In a shocking incident, more than two weeks after his wife’s murder, a Chennai filmmaker was caught by police allegedly murdering her. Her tattoos given crucial clue to the police in resolving the mystery.

Filmmaker Balakrishnan (51) was arrested after a vital clue- two tattoos on the severed legs of the body- helped police identify that it was his wife Sandhya (37), who was murdered. Her body parts, without the head, were found in a dump yard in the city last month.

The police, who began investigation last month with the tattoos designed like Shiva-Parvati and a dragon helped as clues, besides a bangle. Now, police found that he killed his wife on January 19, chopped her body the next day and dumped the parts packed in plastic bags in garbage bins in different parts of Chennai.

Police said that he confessed to having committed the crime doubting Sandhya’s loyality. “Based on information he gave, another part of the woman’s body was also found on Wednesday,” the police said, adding that further investigation is on to find the woman’s head and torso.

The couple from Thoothukudi got married in 2000. Sandhya is fourteen years younger to Balakrishnan. Investigators say both have had problems in their relationship in the past. Last year, Sandhya had left their home and complained police about domestic violence. However, that was patched up after a round of counselling.

Balakrishnan has directed and produced a film called “Kadhal Ilavasam” and was allegedly demanding a huge amount of money from his wife’s family to make another film.

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