Audio clip: Kumaraswamy promises to retire if proved wrong about Yeddyurappa

The video that stunned Karnataka BJP leadership exposing their MLAs poaching designs, continue to rock state politics. Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy going offensive against BJP leadership and strongly refuted BJP state chief BS Yeddyurappa’s pretending innocence in this regard.

He challenged BJP’s former chief minister and said that he is ready to retire from politics, if the audio clip he shared before the Budget about the attempt to poach a JDS MLA allegedly by Yeddyurappa was proven fabricated.

During his visit to Mahamasthabhisheka programme at Dharmasthala, the JD(S) leader stressing he was in the Kshetra where God keenly watched the words of people uttered here and hands out justice to the lying tongue, he said, “If what was released yesterday is proven to not be words uttered by Yeddyurappa but a mimicry and mere theatrics by Kumaraswamy, he (Yeddyurappa) doesn’t have to politically retire. I will.”

In a fresh allegation against the BJP, chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said the BJP had contacted one of the MLAs in the state’s coalition government on Saturday morning luring him to join the saffron party.

The chief minister said despite ‘the cat being let out of the bag’, BS Yeddyurappa had not mended his ways and was continuing Operation Lotus in a bid to topple the coalition government. However, he said, these efforts by the BJP were futile as his government was rocksteady.

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