Chandrababu hit back at PM Modi, drags Jashodaben

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu seems to be upset with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose first visit to Andhra Pradesh after he had withdrawn support to NDA last year, mostly concentrated making allegations against him only at Guntur.

In a strong counter-offensive, the TDP chief even dragged the name of Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben into the row. For the first time, a senoir leader dragged her name in public space while making wild allegations against the Prime Minister.

Strongly objecting to refer him as `father of Lokesh’, referring to his minister-son, Naidu asked can he call the Prime Minister as “Jashodaben’s husband”. Moreover, he also went to the extent of accusing that Modi has no respect to family system and never bothers family relations.

Referring that Modi’s government brought a bill making instant divorce among Muslim community by stating “triple talaq” an offense, Naidu asked what can be said about a person (Modi) who had deserted his wife, even with out giving her divorce.

“Since you have referred to my son, I am mentioning about your wife. People, do you know Narendra Modi has a wife? Her name is Jashodaben,” Naidu told a public meeting at Vijayawada. The Chief Minister also continued his outburst at the Prime Minister, accusing him of ruining the country and all the systems.

Naidu, who had earlier welcomed demonetisation when it was announced on November 8, 2016, now called it a “mad Tughlaq act”. “They scrapped Rs 1000 currency note but brought in  Rs 2000 note. How will corruption end,” he asked.

Also attacking Prime Minister Modi referring to several personnal issues, he said  “The Prime Minister claims to be a chaiwala but look at his suits and boots…..”  He also took severe exception to Modi’s accusation that he had `backstabbed his father-in-law NTR’.  He retorted stating that every one knows “How you behaved with yoru `Raj Guru’ L K Advani, even didn’t responded to his namaskar. It was Advani who saved you as chief minister, when Vajpayee asked you to resign after Gujarat riots”, he added.

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