PM Modi flays Congress bothers only brokering defence deals

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today strongly attacked Congress party for its involvement in several defence related scams. Addressing a party rally at Perumanallur, about 13 kms from Tirupur of Tmail Nadu, he lamented that those who had got an opportunity to rule the nation for years did not bother about India’s defence sector. For them, he accused that this sector was only about rokering deals and helping their own set of friends.

For the first time after Congress chief Rahul Gandhi accused him of involving in simultaneous negotiations on Rafale deal, basing upon a report of news paper The Hindu, Modi asserted that hiss work culture was different from that of the previous governments.

“From the seas to the skies, the Congress has several scams associated with the defence and in the process the party did not allow the modernisation of defence forces for long years that they were in power,” he added. He also alleged that every middlemen caught had a link with some or the other Congress leader.

Prime Minister said that it the dream of his government India be self-sufficient in defence production and where “our forces have all possible support they require in keeping our nation safe.” Referring to the “path-breaking” step of creating two defence corridors, one of which is in Tamil Nadu, Modi said a defence corridor will bring industry and investment options and opportunities for the State’s youth.

He also pointed out that while the BJP implemented One Rank One Pension scheme for the armed forces, “unpardonable comments” were made against an army chief and Congress leaders belittled soldiers and doubted the surgical strikes.

In a veiled dig at former finance minister P Chidambaram, who had asked why middle class complained about price rise when they could buy ice cream and mineral water bottle, Modi said the middle class had rejected “Mr Recounting Minister” and Congress. Chiding “the wise minister from Tamil Nadu” who “thinks he is the most knowledgeable man in the world”, the PM said his government had promised to waive off taxes of those earning up to Rs 5 lakh during the budget.

Strongly refuting opposition attack against him, Modi said their “political culture of abusing Modi may give them some space in television but the elections are fought on ones vision for the nation, not slander and attack”.

While the good work of the NDA government has made some people very unhappy, he said their unhappiness has turned into desperation and abuse for Modi.

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