PM Modi says Chandrababu is busy in promoting his son

Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the first time directly attacking Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who had quit NDA last year, said that Naidu is busy promoting his family and has forgotten about the development of the state. Referring his as `father of Lokesh (his son, cabinet minister in the state), repeatedly, Modi said that CM promised `sunrise of Andhra’, but is busy with son rise

Stating that he cannot dispute with Naidu’s claim as senior politician in the country, he said that’s why he is giving due respect to him till now. He also said that “Naidu is senior in switching parties, he is a senior in betraying his father-in-law NT RamaRao. He is a senior in praising soneone at some time and despising him the next movement”.

Lamenting that they were only busy in abusing him, he alleged that he is famous in taking U turns and joined hands with Congress, which was done immense injustice to the state during bifurcation and also his father-in-law NTR started TDP aiming at demolish Congress in the country.

Incidentally, Chandrababu Naidu ignored protocol to receive Prime Minister at airport, if he comes to his state and his party observed protest day for the injustice done to the state by Modi. Naidu himself participated in official programmes wearing black shirt. Even, Naidu was absent and on one from the state government particiapted at the official event held just before the public meeting.

Only Governor ESL Narasimhan, AP Chief Secretary and DGP received Modi at Gannavaram airport. This will be Modi’s first political rally in the Andhra Pradesh, after 2014 polls. This was also his first visti to the state, after TDP left NDA.

Modi assured that his government is doing whatever it can for the development of the state. As the centre started asking accounts for the funds released, he accused that Naidu had quit NDA fearing to give answers. He asserted that in the past 55 months Central govt has released adequate funds for the development of Andhra. However, the state govt never utilised the funds allocated in an efficient manner, he added.

“I want to remind Chandrababu Naidu that our aim is not to create wealth for ourselves but to create wealth for the nation and to ensure the efficient use of wealth and resources of the nation, he said.

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