SM Krishna says he left Congress due to Rahul’s interferance

After two years of quitting Congress, former external affairs minister S M Krishna today accused that it was constant interference of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi into party functioning with out having any position in the party, made him to leave the cabinet and later from the party.

The 86-year-old was the external affairs minister under former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from May 2009 till October 2012. He resigned as a member of the Congress in January 2017, and joined the BJP in March that year. But in BJP also he was sidelined and remaining silent.

Referring to Rahul’s interferance during Dr Manmohan Singh’s regime, he recalled that 10 ten years ago, Rahul was only an MP and didn’t hold any party post but would interfere in all matters. “Even though Manmohan Singh was the PM, many subjects were taken up without bringing it to his notice. Congress did not have any control over alliance parties. It was then that all major scams like 2G spectrum, Commonwealth [Games] and coal were reported. Such situations arise when there’s no able leadership,”  he added.

“I was external affairs minister for 3.5 years and Manmohan Singh had no say over that portfolio. Rahul Gandhi was then a nobody, not even a general secretary. He issued diktat that those who turned 80 can’t be a minister. When I heard that, I submitted my resignation and came to Bangalore,” Krishna said at an event in Karnataka’s Maddur.

Strongly condemning his comments, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee President Dinesh Gundu Rao said, “People even in their old age don’t seem to have enough, want for more recognition, drives them to say such things. No damage to our party, it only damages his legacy.


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