“Worried For Nitin Gadkari”: Sharad Pawar Quips At Pune

The NCP chief Sharad Pawar expressed concern over union minister Nitin Gadkari.  He said that he is worried as in recent times Gadkari name is being projected as possible prime minister candidate of BJP, replacing Narendra Modi.

He said that he will be happy if Gadkari becames Prime Minister. “He is a good person. We have been friends since he was at the Legislative assembly with us”, he said.

Shard Pawar’s concerns indicates possible conspiracy agaisnt Gadkari by BJP’s powerful due Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, so that to clear him from the race.

Incidentally, Pawar’s remarks came hours after Amit Shah targeted himfor the corruption in Maharashtra, and challenged Pawar on his home turf of Baramati. Amit Shah had called for ‘Mission Baramati’, wherein he directed his booth workers to win Baramati Lok Sabha seat. Baramati is the Pawars’ home turf for over three decades, an NCP stronghold.

Responding to Amit Shah’s call, Pawar said there was no ban on dreaming in this country. He also took a jibe at the BJP saying he wondered why the BJP wanted only 45 of the 48 Lok Sabha seats.

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