Priyanka Gandhi on stage, Rahul says time to win Uttar Pradesh back

Responding to overwhelming response received by his sister Priyanka Gandhi’s during her first-ever road show in Lucknow, today, after she was appointed as AICC General Secretary, giving charge of Uttar Pradesh (East), Congress president Rahul Gandhi asserted that the time has come for the party to win Uttar Pradesh back.

It may be recalled that in this politically crucial state, the Congress is away from power since over three decades. Though the party is not considered to be a serious player in the state and no major party is coming forward to allay with it, Rahul expressed confidence that the party cannot afford to be weak in the state.

At the end of the mammoth road show that Priyanka launched, Rahul said ‘Congress started in UP and it cannot stay weak here. Priyanka Gandhi and Jyotiarditya Scindia will make Congress strong in UP again.’

While the roadshow marked Priyanka’s formal entry into active politics, Rahul set his sight beyond the upcoming general elections to regain power in U.P. Targetting on next Assembly elections in the state in 2022, he said ‘Congress party has to form government in Uttar Pradesh.’ The Congress president reiterated that the party will fight the elections on its own in India’s most populous state which sends 80 lawmakers to the Lok Sabha.

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