Rafale likely to rock Parliament on the last day

Controversy over Rafale fighter jet deal is likely to rock the Parliament against, tomorrow, as the government is scheduled to table the CAG report, a day before the end of the present Lok Sabha session. Wednesay will be the last day not only for the ongoing budget session, but also to the present Lok Sabha, as polls are to be held in two months.

Series of news reports in The Hindu, providing sufficiant amunation by brining new loopwholes in the deal to the Congress, which has been challenging Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s honesty in this regard.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been alleging that Prime Minister Modi had symeltenously held negotiations to benefit his corporet `friend’, thus causing immense loss to the nation.

Recent media reports alelged that the Prime Minister’s Office was interfering in the Rafale negotiations. A report by The Hindu claimed that the MoD raised strong objections to “parallel negotiations” conducted by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) with the French side.

The government, however, has denied any wrongdoing in the deal. Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi over his allegations, the BJP said that the Congress chief’s charge is “yet another lie from his lie-manufacturing factory” and accused him of working at the behest of foreign forces for the cancellation of the deal.

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