Modi Acted as Anil Ambani’s Middleman in Rafale deal

Sharpaning his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Rafale deal, Congress president Rahul Gandhi, alleged today, the PM compromised national security and worked as a middleman for businessman Anil Ambani.

Rahul Gandhi further accused that Modi shared sensitive information with Anil Ambani which is a violation of the Official Secrets Act. Referring to a latest media report that Ambani had met French Defence Minister, even before the deal formalised, he wondered how Anil Ambani was aware of the deal in advance ?

He also alleged that an email has come into light which states that Anil Ambani had visited the French Defence Minister in Paris and mentioned an MoU in preparation and the intention to sign it during the prime minister’s visit.

Stating that Modi is complicit in Rafale deal, Rahul asserted, “Defence Minister says he doesn’t know about the new deal, whereas Anil Ambani is sitting in the French Defence Minister’s office saying the PM will sign an MoU with him involved. This is the breach of the Official Secrets Act.”

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