Rajinikanth will not contest 2019 Lok Sabha elections

Disappointing his supporters, who are eager to contest in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, superstar Rajinikanth today announced that he won’t contest the coming Lok Sabha battle and that his target was only the Tamil Nadu Assembly polls.

Rajanikanth, who has announced in December, 2017 to launch a new political party in the state, is yet to name the name of his party, but only spending time in consultations with his fans. Moreover, he is also busy with his series of films.

Rajinikanth also declared that he will not support any party in the Lok Sabha election and no politician can use the name or the flag of ‘Rajini Makkal Mandram’ or his fan club to seek votes.

Meanwhile, he said in a statement here that the water crisis was a major issue faced by the people of Tamil Nadu and he urged them to vote for a party that would form a strong government and solve the state’s water problem permanently.

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