Mamata scares BJP’s growth, to strengthen CPM

The `fire brand’ politician, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee came to lime light of Indian political scene with her uncompromised political struggle against CPM, that dominated the states politics for over three and half decades. When Congress leadership at national level not shown much interest in breaking away CPM’s cloud in the state expecting its tactic support in the Parliament in the name of preventing BJP from dominating the national political scene, she left the party and started her own out-fit Trinamool Congress.

Knowing for her `street struggle’ politics, she succeeded in throwing out the CPM from power corridor in the state, pushing the party into fourth position. After ruling the state for such a long time, it is now unable to get even opposition status in the assembly. But, surprisingly the BJP has being growing in the state as a potential political force, turning to be challenges to her and now emerged as a major opposition force.

After pushing CPM to a corner, she need not worry with Congress, which can’t afford to displease her seeking possible supper at national level in post-election scenario. This makes her unchallengeable. But BJP’s growth making her sleepless nights. That is being reflected in denying permission to senior BJP leaders and also chief ministers of BJP-rules states to land in her state to attend BJP rallies.

Even her government denied permission when BJP planned to take up three rath-yatras covering all parliamentary constituencies in the state. Ignoring her status as chief minister, visiting Police Commissioner’s residence when CBI tried to interrogate him and taking up protesting fast suddenly against the Center also reflects her fear towards BJP.

BJP president Amit Shah has openly announced his party’s ambition to win half of 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state, as against two seats it had won in 2014. Mamata seems to be came to the conclusion that unless BJP’s growth is checked, it would be difficult for her to continue her hold over the state. That’s why now she is extending strategical support to the left party, to make sure that the party should make its presence in the forthcoming polls.

Having denied to have alliance with Congress in the state, she is encouraging both Congress and CPM to share seats and emerge as a major opposition, so that to weaken BJP. Her support to CPM was witnessed during recent CPM rally in Kolkata. Few noticed that the numbers at the CPM rally was in fact much higher than Mamata’s much touted United India rally for opposition leaders from all over the country, held last month, at the same venue. CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury tweeted videos of the two rallies as proof.

Interestingly, the Bengali media did not interpret it as a revival of the Left. It is widely believed that Mamata had secretly helped with infrastructure for the rally of her arch foe. It is in the TMC’s electoral interest that the CPM retains its base of 20 per cent vote share so that the BJP, which is increasingly been viewed as her main rival, does not benefit.

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