Benguluru to get suburban train connecting project

The Union Railway Ministry has approved a suburban train project connecting 82 stations around Bengaluru city. The state government has been working for this project since last two decades. The project will also connect the Bengaluru airport to the city. It will be executed over six years at a projected cost of Rs 23,000 crores. About 70 km of this will be elevated rail. ”

Already there are 29 railway stations in Bengaluru city and many commuters use existing trains between Bengaluru and other cities. However, there has been a growing demand in the last five years for an exclusive local train to reduce the travel time in the ever-expanding city.

There have been many campaigns particularly from the IT community, as IT parks in the suburbs are best accessed by a train network. Bengaluru citizens have been holding campaigns for the train network as the city is riddled with massive traffic jams.

Union railway minister Piyush Goyal, while conducting a review on Bengaluru’s railway needs, said the final decision would be taken by the state cabinet. He met chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and talked about issues raised by the state as far as land acquisition and cost sharing is concerned to start the project at the earliest.

Chief Minister indicated that a final decision will be made tomorrow. He also said that he has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lay the foundation stone of the project. The project extends to 160 kms, envisages 12 inter-changes where people can change over from trains to buses or the metro rail for the last mile connectivity.

The railway network in Karnataka has increased to three times as before. This design is a world class plan to decongest roads. In some places you will see three levels – road traffic, Metro and the suburban train moving at the same time ,” Goyal said.


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