BJP-AIADMK alliance a secret operation !

The finalization of BJP-AIADMK alliance in Tamil Nadu seems to be a surprise to most of senior leader of both the parties. Several senior AIADMK leaders have been issuing statements that such an alliance would be disastrous one for the ruling party, as BJP is being seen as anti-Tamil, presently.
However, it was said to be a `coup’ engineered by BJP chief Amit Shah, who had few days earlier during his tour in the state announced that soon BJP will be forming an formidable poll alliance here.According to sources a Tamil-speaking Gujarati businessmen from Coimbatore was summoned for initial discussion with AIADMK top leaders.
 Chief Minister E K Palaniswami was said to be the chief architect from his side. More big surprise was getting the PMK, with its caste-based vote bank.
This alliance may not help to make any surprises in the southern state, as already the AIADMK was locked in identity crisis and DMK seems to be in full swing. However, forming such a formidable alliance makes BJP cadre morale at high and may help to improve party’s image showing new parties are coming close to it.

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