India’s military might reduced piracy in Indian Ocean : Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today that the huge reduction in piracy in the Indian Ocean, is due, to a large extent, to the military might of India, and our international partnerships.

Addressing a large rally of Ex-Servicemen, the Prime Minister said that it is the result of the valour and dedication of lakhs of soldiers that the Indian Army is today considered among the strongest in the world.

The Prime Minister said that the soldiers have been the first line of defence, both against enemies, and against natural disasters. He said the Union Government is equipping the Indian Army with modern aircraft, helicopters, submarines, ships and weaponry. He said decisions pending for a long time, are being taken in national interest.

Later, he inaugurated the country’s National War Memorial (NWM), adjoining the iconic India Gate complex in the heart of the capital, nearly 60 years after it was mooted to honour the fallen soldiers after Independence.

He said that today New India is growing in stature globally, and this is due in large measure to its Armed Forces. He expressed happiness that the National War Memorial, or Rashtriya Samar Smaarak, is being dedicated today.

He said women have now got the opportunity to become fighter pilots. He said that women officers in short service commission are being given opportunities for permanent commission at par with their male counterparts.

The Prime Minister said that change has been initiated in the entire ecosystem of defence procurement. He said transparency and level playing field are the hallmarks of the Government’s approach. He stressed on the encouragement being given to “Make in India.”

The Prime Minister said that the Indian Army has participated in about 50 out of 70 major UN peacekeeping missions, and about 2 lakh soldiers have been a part of these operations. He said the navies of 50 countries were part of the International Fleet Review organized by the Indian Navy in 2016. He also said that our Armed Forces conduct an average of ten big joint exercises with Armed Forces of friendly countries, every year.

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