Dr Manmohan Singh warns of growing risks of a nuclear strike

Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has warned the global community over growing nuclear risks in the world. Though the world has not seen such a risk since 1945, he warned that unintended escalation can no longer be ruled would. However, Dr Singh asserted that India is the only country that had an extensive and advanced peaceful nuclear programme before being compelled to shift its focus.

“It is a reluctant nuclear weapon state, unlike others that began their nuclear quest with a military rationale.” India is the only country exercised nearly a quarter century of restraint after having demonstrated its technical capability, he added.

Launching the book, “Nuclear Order in the 21st Century” edited by Rakesh Sood and published by Observer Research Foundation, Dr Singh said in future leaders and governments will have to deal with greater unpredictability and have much less time to take crucial decisions,

“Many countries are modernising their nuclear arsenals with tactical and low yield weapons, increasing the likelihood of their use. The goals of nuclear disarmament seem to be receding. The existing nuclear order is coming under strain,” he said.

If we want to ensure that nuclear weapons do not get used, Dr Singh made it clear that we need to create a new nuclear order. He recalled that the power equations of the 21st century are very different from those during the Cold War.

Multipolarity has become a reality in the global economy but the political structures have yet to overcome the inertia of outmoded thinking. That is why it is often said that the hardest thing to change is the human mind,” he added.

“This is why we decided to base our nuclear doctrine on a credible, minimum deterrent and successive governments have also reiterated India’s commitment to a no-first-use policy,” Dr Singh added.


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